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Truck Trailers, Railcars, and Shipping Containers tracking:

GPS vehicle tracking has benefits for cargo management. Shipments can be located if stolen and customer service is enhanced with the ability for the shipper to accurately report delivery time. Shipping customers can analyze data to choose the most efficient shipper. Location information can aid in inventory control. Side benefits include temperature monitoring for sensitive cargo.gps container cargo tracking

We haveGPS tracker AS2000 for container/cargo tracking.

Waterproof shell IP67

Built-in large capacity 6000MA battery, long standby time of 60 days. 

Powerful magnets to stick to vehicle firmly.

Get location in real street/address name rather than coordinates, send "address+password to tracker, tracker will reply detailed street address, e.g. No.113, Nantou guankou 2nd Rd, Nanshan, shenzhen, china.

Built-in high sensitivity GPS and GSM antenna to make it can be used alone without installation, convenient and quick.

Support for external GSM antenna, GPS antenna, and external power supply for the tracker to be installed on the device which can provide power for long-term using.